Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photo Gallery: L'OSPITE at Imperia Video Festival

Photo Gallery: L'OSPITE at Imperia Video Festival 

Our Interview with the Italian Newspaper, LA STAMPA during the festival. Basir Ahang and I talked with the media about L'OSPITE that is dedicated to the refugees and victims of drownings in Mediterranean Sea,  about the situation of refugees in Italy and about Hazaras' on going massacres in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

LA CENA PERSIANA il nuovo film di Amin Wahidi in produzione

Basta pochissimo per spezzare per sempre un legame di amicizia e di fiducia: una parola di troppo o una tenuta nascosta per troppo tempo, bastano a farti rimanere solo in men che non si dica.  E' ciò che Andrea, giovane cuoco e aspirante attore, impara durante una cena che potrebbe aprirgli la strada verso il futuro sognato da sempre. Ad un tavolo si siedono molti individui di provenienza e vissuti differenti per discutere i termini di un film da girare a breve. Tutti, gli attori, gli sceneggiatori, il regista, i produttori, le fidanzate stesse hanno degli interessi in gioco in questa cena, che diventa l'occasione d'oro di ognuno per vedere trionfare i propri interessi su quelli altrui. E' una gara in cui ognuno corre da solo convinto di poter arrivare primo al traguardo.  Andrea, dopo aver organizzato una cena tra amici, si troverà a farla fallire del tutto, ferendo coloro che non hanno tradito le sue aspettative o la sua fiducia. 

La Cena uscira' nel 2015

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

L’Ospite (THE GUEST) WINNER of 22nd Venice City Award 2014

L’Ospite (THE GUEST) A short film by M. Amin Wahidi

WINNER of 22nd Venice City Award 2014 in an special event of 71st Venice International Film Festival 2014
L’Ospite AKA The Guest is the last work by Amin Wahidi shot in early 2014 in Venice and was presented in an special event of 71st Venice International Film Festival winning two awards from 22nd Venice City Award 2014, Award for the best short film and the Award as the best actor for Basir Ahang.   

This short film is dedicated to all asylum seekers and refugees who are victims of war and violence in their homeland and victims of deportation in the second and safe land.  
It is also dedicated to all those people who are drowned in Mediterranean Sea while coming towards Italy for seeking asylum.

Nima is an Iranian asylum seeker who has just arrived to Italy after three times of being deported to Greece. By chance he meets Basir, another refugee, student and activist for refugees’ rights, in front of Santa Lucia Station in Venice who speaks the same language. After they are introduced to each other, Basir takes Nima to his home for the night but when they arrive home, everything is changed in a few minutes.

L’OSPITE (The Guest)
A film by M. Amin Wahidi
Actors: Basir Ahang,  Nima Dashtban,  Nicole Valentini, Silvia De Bastiani, Margherita Piccin ,  Michele Guidi,  Marta De Bastiani,  Samantha Silvestri e Bibi Simic
Duration: 19′: 30″
Language: Persian- Italian
Year: 2014
Subtitles: Italian- English
Production: Deedenow Cinema Production-Afghanistan &
Hazara People International Network (

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

“The Persian Dinner” a new film by Deedenow Cinema Production Afghanistan

What “friendship” could mean in our nowadays contexts, how people “change” in “different circumstances” and how a “cultural-clash” could break relationships in an eye-blink, and finally, is “multiculturalism”, the mingle of Europeans with the “non-European newcomers” in this continent “still functional” or is it already “failed”?    

They are some of the questions that came in Amin Wahidi’s mind to write and direct his new film,”The Persian Dinner”.  

The Afghanistani filmmaker, who lives and works in Italy, is making his first feature film Italy with the subject of “multiculturalism” in this country.

“The Persian Dinner”
A young couple organizes a Persian dinner with the help of their Persian friends and invite a couple of producers to get a film project produced, but all goes wrong during the discussions after dinner as different secrets reveal among the invitees one after the other. 

“The Persian Dinner” will be shot in Milan in 2015.   
“The Persian Dinner”
Written and Directed by: M. Amin Wahidi
Language: Italian- Persian  
Production Year: 2015
Deedenow Cinema Production Afghanistan 
Remspot, Italy
Hazara International Network
Rimake- Milano
Subtitles:English- Italian

Amin Wahidi and his Shorts

    With each of his short films, the director also depicts the  passages he has passed through in his life since he has moved to Italy; from his refuge to Italy until his integration into Italian society.  

The Guest/L’Ospite (short) 19′  2014 Milan- Italy
About: A refugee arrives in Venice after three times of deportation to Greece. He is searching            for hospitality for one night, but could anyone take home a clandestine newcomer? 

  The Fighter (short) 20′ 2014 Milan- Italy
About:  A Hazara former champion in Kickboxing is trying to obtain his glory once again but this time as a refugee in Italy.

Within The Mists (short) 30′ 2011 Milan- Italy
About: Mr. X is an artist (writer-poet-painter) who finds himself imprisoned in a big city and at the end decides to leave the city and its crazy people for a destination he doesn’t know.  

His first short film in Italy “Within the Mists 2011” relates the experiences of refuge, its hardships and its consequences.


Friday, September 14, 2012

This Year's Film Bazara November 21 - 24, 2012 Goa Marriott Resort, India

An evolving trade market for film industry professionals, Film Bazaar is committed to discover and support significantly compelling talent from South Asia and address key concerns of the world film community in the dynamic domain of film development, production, and distribution. From 2007 onwards FB is a converging point for buyers and sellers of film rights and is aimed at facilitating sales of world cinema in the South Asian region and the promotion of Indian Cinema in the international domain.
2012 will see 6 original stories by Indian writers, 25 potential projects relating to South Asian stories, Knowledge Series sessions with noteworthy film industry doyens & prominent film organizations. The Film Bazaar Viewing Room will house unseen films looking for gap finance/distribution partners/scrfestival selection as also films featured in the Indian Panorama (IFFI). A partner program with Primehouse (Germany) PrimeXchange is a co-production initiative that provides a forum for independent European and Indian Producers to engage in an open and collaborative environment with hands-on media industry experts.The market is also equipped with an Exhibitors Section where booths can be booked, and digital theatres for trade screenings of films. 
Organised annually alongside the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at the Goa Marriott Resort, the market is a gamut of activity where delegates buy, sell, exhibit and pitch their content. The sixth Film Bazaar will be held from November 21 - 24, 2012.